What's the Best Golf Net You can purchase?

Finding the best golf net out there can seem a daunting task once you can't really test them out by looking at them online. But within the inland northwest simple things to look for to actually are getting the best net for your situation. This article will show you 5 things to look for to make sure you are getting the best value and also the best golf net for your specific space and requirements.
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 Size- This can be an extremely important factor, you aren't, depending on your intended use. Might you use it inside in the off-season and need a little smaller net? Or will you have a massive space inside? Or are you currently primarily going to use it outdoors?

 Portability- You never know that you will want to take it... but help it become portable and you at the very least have the ability to take it wherever you want!

 Side-Walls?- Does the net have blocking for the sides to prevent damage to valuable things in case you miss the shot?! You need a wide area of netting. Hey, shanks happen.
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 Strength of Netting- There are many different types of netting that different companies use. If your product doesn't even mention the potency of netting, then it will rip... and this will rip fast. Stick to the companies who boast about and give warranties on their netting.

 Targets?- Will the golf net have a target on it? Lacking targets on the nets shouldn't be a deal breaker, as some does apply with a little creative utilization of ribbon, or even tape.

So there are a few of the things to consider when searching. Being aware what to look for will give you confidence that you're getting the very best golf net to your situation.
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